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Advantages Of Online Business – “APNI ONLINE DUKAN”

There is no doubt that the opportunity to sell online has helped several businesses earn more and grow successfully. Like any other business strategy, there are many pros and cons of online business can help you stand out.

 We couldn’t agree more and we’ve compiled information to explain the good points and help you with business decisions.



“Apni Online Dukan” is a platform which can be defined as the purchase and sale of goods electronically online. It is popular due to the many benefits of Online Business (internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce) and is divided into two parts.

  • Online retail purchases that go directly to consumers through mobile apps, websites, and even voice assistants, chats, chatbots, and more.
  • Sellers who are part of online marketplaces where many third-party sales take places.

Understanding the advantages of ecommerce


Electronic commerce will substantially reduce the transaction cost. Eliminate many fixed maintenance costs from physical stores. This enables companies to enjoy a way higher margin of profit.

 It provides fast delivery of products with little or no effort on a part of the customer.


A product list is what the customer sees when searching for an item. This is often a bonus of e-commerce intended for the vendor. Now in favor of the online business is that you simply can customize your list of products after creating them.

Sellers can add many images, a description, product category, price, shipping fee, and delivery date. So, in one step you’ll tell the customer tons about the article. Creating your listing shows buyers what you’ve got.


Buyers like personalization – an equivalent applies to paying for their orders. E-commerce marketplaces allow multiple payment modes including UPI, cash on delivery, cash on delivery card, net banking, EMI on credit or debit card, and post-payment credit service.


Sellers do not have to spend tons of cash to market their items. The world of e-commerce has several affordable and fast ways to plug online. Ecommerce marketplaces are visual channels, and sellers can really show off their product. for instance, Amazon sellers can use advertising tools to add high-quality resolution videos, infographics, and pictures.

Simple and boring text are often added to life by using DIY features to make personalized offers, coupons, A + content, and sponsored ads. Many e-commerce marketplaces offer customer insight tools which will be wont to analyze customers.

Conveys a clear message

Through this platform a clear message is given to the potential customers and business owners about a particular product or service with proper tagging, details, prices and validity.

Product and price comparison

In e-commerce, sellers can compare products using tools or on their own. This gives them a good idea of the product alternatives available, the standard rates, if the need for a product is not met.

The comparison is faster online and covers many products – it helps to save time when doing this comparison, as all the details are available on the shopping site. In a physical store, sellers may not be able to access as many details; they just have a better understanding of their own inventory.

This is also one more benefit for the customer. When people see a lot of items ready to buy, they feel more confident to spend.

Did you know: “Buyers can save time by using online marketplaces? They get other benefits like fast delivery, convenience of shopping from home, price comparison”.

 User Friendly For all (especially for customers)

An important advantage of ecommerce to business is that sellers can provide flexibility to customers. One highlight is that the product and services are ready 24×7. The result is that the seller can offer his item any place, any time.

Customers are always present on an ecommerce marketplace – They are likely to return for repeat purchases online because of the conveniences they get. These conveniences include free shipping (usually on a minimum cart value), express order delivery, deals and discounts, subscription advantages.

They also share reviews on the things they buy. Good reviews result in two extra benefits of ecommerce. One is that buyers gain trust in your store based on the number of positive reviews. The other is that it can help you identify your best-selling items.

Sellers can leverage this customer flexibility to build their revenue. They can sell on an online marketplace confidently knowing that there are plenty of buyers.

 Faster response to buyer/market demands

Every interaction is faster when you begin selling online. Ecommerce marketplaces offer you a streamlined logistics or delivery system. 

What this means is that the buyers order gets delivered efficiently. Product returns management is one more plus point that can be handled quickly – you either refund the payments or give a replacement.

Speedy actions can even be applied when responding to market demands. Think of this ecommerce example – when a buyer sees that an item is out of stock, he can click on the ‘Notify Me’ option. This informs him when that item is available for sale again. It also informs sellers that they need to restock that item so they can get more buyers.

Found these advantages interesting? 

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