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Increase Website Traffic with Video

Video is an excellent tool to Increase Website Traffic to your website, keeping people there longer, and as such reducing your bounce rate.

Nevertheless: Video is great and all, but you need some help from your friends when it comes to increasing web traffic.

Video works best as part of a larger content strategy. When trying to capture the attention of consumers and become a thought leader in your industry, variety is vital.

To keep people interested, you would like to find the right balance between written and visual content. this can vary for each company, you just need to find the right balance for you.

It helps to think about what you want to achieve with each content. For example, you’ll want your articles to count, your videos to entertain, and your e-books to educate. Once you’ve decided what each piece of content will do, you need to strike a balance between fun and entertaining pieces of content and therefore informative and educational pieces of content.

Another way to spread Increase Website traffic with video is to simply have one on your website’s home page!

Videos not only capture the user’s attention, they retain it. According to Mist Media, 88% of tourists will stay longer on a website that shows a featured video. Also, people who stay longer are 64% more likely to get a product.

In addition to having a video on your website, you need to use video to interact with viewers on different sites. This may seem counterproductive because the goal of this post is to drive traffic to your site, but the reality is that having a presence elsewhere will attract more people to your website as they will want to know more about you.

Here are some of the best places to post videos:


Since Instagram can be a mobile platform, its content needs to be adapted to people on the move, which means it needs to be visual and bitten. Instagram has a 60-second limit for video content, but most videos are much shorter.


The short videos create enough intrigue that people need to know more. And when people want to understand more, they will undoubtedly end up on your website. 


Facebook is officially the most important social network in terms of daily visitors to the location, making it a great place to search for potential customers.

The fairly new feature, Facebook Live, allows you to build stronger and more personal relationships with your fans. People love watching live video because it allows them to see the action in the moment and gives them a sense of exclusivity. 

Throughout the live videos, you will remind users to visit your website to spread traffic, this can be particularly effective if you have a promotion running.


Similar to Facebook Live is Periscope for Twitter. Periscope can be a “live video streaming platform”, which basically means that it is an application that you can simply use to broadcast a live recording to Twitter.

Periscope is best suited for marketers looking for content in B2B industries, as Twitter is a network that attracts a larger B2B audience than Facebook. Studies have shown that 97% of B2C marketers have Facebook accounts and 86% of B2B marketers have Twitter accounts.

Another positive aspect of having a video presence on YouTube is the SEO boost it can offer you. SEO is of great importance to marketers looking to extend website traffic because 75% of users never scroll past the main search results page, and 33% of people always click. in the first organic result.

Videos Increase Website Traffic

Apart from increasing the time readers and viewers spend on your website, videos help to increase website traffic to your website. In other words, your videos can retain current clients, as well as bring in new ones.

Except for improving the customer retention rate, videos enhance your SEO. When readers spend more time on your site, it signals Google that your website has valuable content.

It leads to higher search engine ranking and draws more organic and direct traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

Increasing website traffic with video will get you one step closer to what you really want: increased sales figures! Having a video on the page not only helps you get traffic from video-specific search, but it can also increase your relevancy for certain queries, and therefore increase rankings and visibility in universal search, too.

To further prove that video gets results, here are 5 impressive stats:

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