WP Mobile Coupon Plugin

WP- Mobile Coupon Plugin

WP Mobile Coupons Plugins and Deals can be a coupon plugin that allows you to add coupons, deals to your posts, pages with an easy and lovely short code.

The best Word Press coupon plugin to market affiliate coupons and deals on your Word Press site. Present coupons and offers in the right way.

You can also display coupons and deals in your sidebar or other widget areas using a widget.

You can create three types of coupons.

 Coupon

 Offer

 Image

Coupon short code comes with click-to-repeat coupon functionality. Which means that when users click on the coupon code, the coupon code will be copied to the clipboard?

When the coupon is copied, a link opens in a new tab. you can use your affiliate link here. So when users copy the coupon code, your affiliate link opens in a new tab.

This way you will generate more sales from your coupon codes.

The offer shortcode looks the same because of the coupon type. The only difference is that instead of the coupon code, a button is shown that can say whatever you want, like “Get this offer”, “Claim this offer”.

Also, when users click this button, nothing is copied. Only your link opens during a new tab.

With both types of coupon, a discount amount / text is displayed on the left, so users immediately know what the coupon / offer code is about. Below is the text discount amount / coupon type, that is, if it is a coupon code or an offer.

Both the coupon code and the offer button display a small tooltip text to make it more attractive. Will set what text is displayed here.

The expiration date or text is displayed to the right below the coupon code / offer button. If the coupon / offer have expired, an expired message is displayed. You can display your own text here.

If any coupon / offer do not expire, another text is displayed. You will also customize it.

You can customize the date format of the due date. Confirm that you update the expiration date of your old coupons; otherwise, the old date format will be displayed.

It will now also show only the coupon code instead of the full coupon with details. will select the short code type of the short code inserter.

Image coupons are images only. Will upload a coupon image and give users the option to print the coupon.

Who should use WP Mobile coupons Plugins and deals?

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer or online marketer promoting coupons and offers on website to get more affiliate sales, WP Coupons And Deals is the perfect solution for you.

What is the requirement to use WP coupons and offers?

WP Coupons and Deals can be a WordPress plugin. All you would like can be a Word Press site hosted on your own hosting to use WP coupons and offers.

Top 3 Reasons Users Love WP Coupons and Deals

With over 2000 active users, WP Coupons and Deals is the perfect solution for you. Here’s why bloggers, affiliate marketers, and developers love WP coupons and deals – and so do you!

Multiple coupon templates and styles to choose from

WP Coupons and Deals comes with seven different templates that you can simply choose for your coupons. Each template has its own layout and functionalities like featured images, countdown expiration, and multiple coupon codes.

All the fields and characteristics you need

WP Coupons and Deals comes with all the required fields that you will have to add during a coupon and each of the fields is built into seven templates very well. You will easily insert the coupons into posts / pages with the built-in short code inserter, which makes it incredibly easy for you.

Easy to customize and adapt everything to your needs

WP Coupons and Deals come with a large number of settings and options that you will control and modify. From layout settings to coupon settings, voting settings, coupon to hide settings, pop-up settings, you have everything you need to tailor it to your needs. You even have extras!

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