Digital Marketing Silver Package

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving package of marketing strategies that help businesses reach their audience in this vast digital space.

While marketing trends in industries keep changing, it is very important that all companies go with the flow, try and try different strategies and stick to what works well for their niche.

A digital marketing services agency plays an important role for companies to achieve their goals in terms of brand visibility, lead generation, and customer retention.

There are many agencies that offer Online Marketing packages.

At UWO VIDEO we honestly feel that there can never be a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to digital marketing.

To streamline the process, Unified Web Solutions & Services created packages that come with a clearly defined set of tasks, each with the goal of helping your online business grow.

Online Advertising  Services include any online marketing efforts or assets.

It includes email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, including channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Business, etc. and even blogs.

They help introduce people to your company and convince them to buy products or services.

Digital marketing Silver Package include:

4 Accounts Management

  • Analyse your Audience
  • SM page optimization
  • Campaign Creation
  • 15 high Quality post
  • Campaign manager Account Setup
  • Facebook Analytics Report creation
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Pixel Installation
  • Post content
  • Monthly Report
  • 35 campaign points per month
  • Growth marketing plan development
  • MoM “top of the funnel” marketing playbook plan
  • Marketing execution and optimization
  • 2-3 marketing tactics per month
  • Bi-weekly review sessions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 1-2 Specialists working on your account
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
  • Strategy building
  • Marketing and sales consulting
  • Campaign planning
  • Marketing audits
  • Specific channel marketing
  • Data analytics

Don’t see a package that meets your current business needs?

We can customize a package, which will include any of the tasks listed, just for you. 

Contact us today to discuss which package best fits into your current digital marketing strategy!


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