What benefits does one get as a “UWO Affiliate”?

UWO Affiliate Program is a web program where you promote UWO products to your friends, clients & get paid commissions for every purchase.

Once you sign up, you will receive a tracking link that you can simply share with potential clients and earn commissions.

UWO presents a wide selection of products

As an affiliate, you will sell all UWO products.

Our products include:

  1. Video advertising
  2. UWO CRM
  3. Apni Online Dukaan
  4. Digital marketing services
  5. Wuddy Chatbots
  6. IT solutions software

The UWO affiliate program allows you to increase your income by advertising quality products and services online.

Here are the key benefits of becoming a UWO affiliate:

  • Free check-in
  • Earn up to 15% -20% on the sale of all products
  • Marketing support that includes banners, links, and permanent campaigns.
  • UWO will provide you with all marketing guarantees.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of payment
  • Best wide selection of automated software products on the market
  • Generate income without starting your own business
  • Tracking is accurate
  • There is little risk of loss, as payments are only made when there is an actual conversion.
  • You can easily make your affiliate program smaller or larger at little or no cost.
  • UWO manages customer service and care

And one of the simplest perks you get from the UWO affiliate program is “special incentives.”

Benefits available at each level

  • For the sale of products worth 1 Lakh, it will appear in the Silver category
  • On the sale of products worth 5 lakh, will appear in the gold category
  • On the sale of products worth 10 lakh, it will appear in the Diamond category.

Where silver gets 5% commission, gold gets 10% and diamond gets 15-20% commission.

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming a central aspect of many marketing strategies, largely due to the high return on your investment that other strategies cannot offer.

As the market continues to grow, the benefits of affiliate marketing are more apparent to businesses of all sizes, and we can expect to ensure that more organizations use the tactic more frequently in the future.

Everyone wins when you are a UWO affiliate.

Being a UWO affiliate is great for you and your visitors. Your visitors get great deals on products from the leading video ad agency, and you get cash for the qualified purchases they make through your affiliate link.

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