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Best ways to promote your Affiliate Marketing Links!

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s product(s) / service(s) in return for a commission for each customer referred

Brands create affiliate programs, which are free or of low cost to join, to enable people to become their ambassadors, also referred to as affiliates. The program generates unique referral links for every affiliate, which may be then shared and marketed online to drive consumer traffic back to the brand’s site.

Why do you have to join an affiliate program?

Here are some valuable reasons to participate in affiliate marketing:

  1. It creates a passive income stream

As long as any customer is in a position to ascertain and click on on the affiliate link, it can – at least in theory – generate commissions.

  1. It is liberal to join

Most businesses charge no money from affiliates to hitch their affiliate program.

  1. You don’t need to be an inventor

Your job isn’t to make a replacement product or service. You don’t even get to actively sell anything— you’re sharing and promoting an existing product or service to your network.

  1. it’s a win-win system

Affiliate marketing benefits all parties that are involved in the process. The business receives a promotion and gains new customers; the affiliate receives earnings from the business for referring customers to their site, and therefore the customer discovers a product that satisfies their wants and wishes.

5 strategies to market your Affiliate Marketing links

Simply copy-pasting a referral link on your online platform or social

Media profiles might not be effective enough to realize your follower’s attention and interest in what’s being promoted to them.

To achieve success in your Affiliate Marketing efforts, you want to do the work that lies within the promotional activities.

Even as it’s in marketing generally, it’s important to know what the requirements and needs of your following are, the way to gain their attention, and the way to influence them to form a sale.

Here are a number of the various ways you’ll promote your affiliate link to your audience:

Write a blog post

Blogging is perhaps one of the foremost efficient ways to market your affiliate links.

With blogging, you build an audience curious about your expertise surrounding a selected sort of content. By creating consistent and credible content, your audience will deem you as a reputable source for advice and proposals.

Therefore, you increase the probabilities that your audience will trust the products or services you employ and promote through your affiliate links.

Promote an affiliate link on your website

If you’ve got a website, you’ll use it to market your affiliate products with targeted ads to your visitors.

One of the foremost common ways to market your affiliate links is thru banner ads. It’s how to catch visitor’s attention on the website, and it can be used to direct visitors straight to the merchant’s site or a blog post that gives more information on the merchandise.

So, if you own a website, consider incorporating banners in your website design that are in sync together with your audience’s interests.

Also, if you own a website, encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list, so you’ll send marketing campaigns (with affiliate links!) to their inboxes.

Use email marketing

Email marketing has been a go-to marketing tool since the dawn of internet shopping, and research shows that 99% of consumers check their emails daily. This makes it worth taking advantage of.

Start with growing your email list, and then engage along with your subscribers by sending them relevant and personalized campaigns. From time to time, include your affiliate links in your campaigns.

Share your affiliate link on social networks

Chances are that you simply are already a user of a minimum of one social networking site.

In 2020, it’s reported that globally social networking is about to reach 3.5 billion users. That’s nearly half the world’s population; therefore, social networks can provide a useful platform for affiliates to market their referral links to their friends and followers.

Here are 2 of the foremost common ways to market affiliate links on social media:

 One: Write a brief review.

Use your social networking platforms to inform your audience about the product and your experience with it. Tell your followers what you wish about it, how you utilize it, and why others might want to use it. Then refer them to become customers and users of the product themselves.

Two: Redirect the reader to your blog.

Followers tend to be discouraged reading lengthy posts on social media. Therefore, rather than writing an extended review, you’ll encourage your followers to read your review on your blog where the affiliate link is found.

 Invest in paid advertising

Investing in paid advertising allows you to succeed in audiences on a wider scale and increases traffic to your website.

Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, Linked In and similar sites have their own ad targeting tools, so there are many platforms to take a position in to make sure your affiliate campaigns gain visibility.

Use these ad tools to direct people to your blog where your affiliate links are located. Similarly, you’ll use the paid ads to direct the customer straight to the product page using your affiliate links.

How to get started with the UWO Affiliate program

Join for free! Sign up to receive your unique affiliate link to share with your audiences.

Receive free marketing resources when you sign up to become a UWO affiliate. You’ll get access to free banners, images, visuals, and other marketing materials. UWO will also provide useful affiliate marketing tips in a dedicated email series.

Track your performance through your UWO Affiliate account. See accurate stats on how you’re doing, how much money you’ve made, and when the next payment is going to be.

Receive a 30% commission. After you refer at least 2 customers, you will receive a payment in 7 business days

Refer as many customers as you want and get paid for every new one that makes a purchase.


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