Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Paid Traffic vs. Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing Network

There are tons of methods to get traffic for Affiliate Marketing. Most important in Affiliate Marketing and business is the audience.


You have to cater to a very specific demographic that is looking for something.
In the case of affiliate marketing, you do not want to send random traffic to your website.
You want to send laser-targeted people to your website where you will give them what they are looking for.

There are tons of methods to get traffic to your affiliate network.

But the traffic you can for free or you can pay for it.

But which is best, using paid traffic methods give instant results within hours.

If you use free methods like content marketing, SEO It will take months to build a following and get traffic from them

Types of Traffic

The major difference between paid and free traffic is that with paid traffic, you are leveraging off someone else. Not only that, most of the time paid traffic is traffic that works almost instantly, meaning there is no waiting period for traffic to kick in. For example, someone buying advertising space on a website could be considered paid traffic.

It is also considered paid traffic is less hands-on in the sense that it’s a set it and forget tactic that involves tweaking here and there. On the other hand, free traffic is any kind of traffic you send to your website by any means whether it is through search engines or using guerilla tactics.

If you participate on forums and have a link to your website in the signature then that is free traffic. The trade-off is that free traffic usually requires lots of time.

Since you can send traffic to your website using tons of techniques, we’ve split the two types of traffic between free and paid:

Both have advantages and disadvantages, If you are a content creator who loves the process of building followers, You can safely choose free traffic methods.

If you want results as soon as possible, take some risk and try out paid traffic methods. The choice is yours.

Free traffic Methods:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Using Social Media
  4. Guests Posts
  5. Forums

Now let me tell you free traffic is actually highly trustable

It brings passive traffic without any cost

Requires a lot of effort

But at last, it takes times but generates consistent traffic

ATLAST for free traffic I would like to conclude:

Free traffic is good because it helps in earning money in the long term.

What We Recommend

Now if you have money to burn then of course paid advertising is the quickest way to go. But we want to keep affiliate marketing relatively low investment so we would recommend using guerilla methods for free traffic. Never depend on one traffic source just like how you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Let’s say you’re getting a ton of relevant hits to your website from just a Youtube video you uploaded then Youtube decides to take it down citing that you used copyright material.

The moment that happens you will no longer get any hits which means you are not getting any sales. Our advice is to get out there, get involved in different communities, and make a presence known. By doing this you become to guru and go-to website.


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